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My name is Steve Ruiz and I'm a developer and interaction designer in London, currently working with creative tools. I build lots of prototypes. Sometimes those prototypes turn into products.

My Work

I'm currently focusing on tldraw, a white-boarding application and an engine for applications that render React components onto a canvas interface. You can sponsor my work on Github!

I've previously worked with Play, helping to design a mobile-first design application for iOS. Before that, I was creating educational content for Framer and a user experience architect at Inviqa. I've also worked with ClearScore, Phenomen Films, and plenty of shorter contracts, too.

Open Source

I maintain a few open source projects:


I have my Masters degree in Fine Art from the University of Chicago. If you're curious, you can see more of my artwork here.


The best way to contact me is on twitter.

Steve Ruiz © 2023

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