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Increment a Name in TypeScript

Increment a Name in TypeScript

Here's a fun problem that I ran into while working on tldraw's page menu: how do I increment a name to avoid duplication?

The Problem

In tldraw, when you create a new page, and if there's already a page with that name, then we want the second page's name to end with an incremented value, e.g. "Blog Post (1)".

const existing = ["Blog Post"]

function getName("Blog Post", existing) {
  return "Blog Post (1)"  // 0 -> 1

And if you create a new page again without changing that first page's name? Then we'd want the third page's name to be "Blog Post (2)".

const existing = ["Blog Post", "Blog Post (1)"]

function getName("Blog Post", existing) {
  return "Blog Post (2)" // 1 -> 2

We only want to match against the part of the name that exludes the incremented value. So adding "Blog Post!" should not get incremented, even if "Blog Post" exists already:

const existing = ["Blog Post"]

function getName("Blog Post!", existing) {
  return "Blog Post!" // no change

...and "Blog Post (1)!" should not prevent us from making a "Blog Post (1)".

const existing = ["Blog Post", "Blog Post (1)!"]

function getName("Blog Post", existing) {
  return "Blog Post (1)" // Ignores Blog Post (1)!

How to do it?

The Answer

Here's the solution:

// Will return "(1)" from "Blog Post (1)"
const INCREMENT = new RegExp(/\s\((\d+)\)$/)

// Will return "1" from "(1)"
const INCREMENT_INT = new RegExp(/\d+(?=\)$)/)

 * Get an incremented name (e.g. New page (2)) from a name (e.g. New page), based on an array of
 * existing names.
 * @param name The name to increment.
 * @param others The array of existing names.
export function getName(name: string, others: string[]) {
  const set = new Set(others)

  let result = name

  while (set.has(result)) {
    result = INCREMENT.exec(result)?.[1]
      ? result.replace(INCREMENT_INT, (m) => (+m + 1).toString())
      : `${result} (1)`

  return result

How does it work?

We call the getName function with the input name (name) and an array of exising names (others) that may or may not contain matches. We first turn that array into a Set, so that we can check for a value without iteration.

In a while loop, we check if the others includes the current result.

If the others set has the current result, then we mutate the result: either by adding a " (1)" if the result isn't already incremented, or else, if the result is already incremented, by incrementing the number between the parentheses.

Then our while loop checks again. This allows for higher increments: we may have we've just turned "Blog Post" into "Blog Post (1)", but the array might include that name, too; and so we need to keep going until we can't find a match.

Once we have a unique name, we can return the result.

Take a shot!

Think you can improve the code? Here's a CodeSandbox where you can take a shot.

Let me know if you come up with a better way!

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